The Quality Assurance Dashboard to organize your tests.

QA DASH is a web application that helps you manage and track your tests. It increases visibility between the QA teams and their peers. While easy to use, it is a powerful tool to keep the QA team on track. It builds transparency, organization, communication and efficiency.
  • It helps teams define and organize their test requirements.
  • Keep track of what was tested and what still needs to be tested.
  • Gives you simple, universal QA metrics that everyone will understand.
  • Great for teams where team members may be located off-shore or in different locations.
  • Perfect for small teams that don't want a ton of expensive test tool that will be 'shelved' in a short time.


Existing Clients:

Payment Options:

Own vs. hosting.

We host, set-up, and offer the product as a service (SaaS) with a monthly reoccurring fee. This is software as a service at it’s best. We also adjust the price, so the longer you use the solution, the cheaper it becomes. The benefit of having your solution hosted is that you get regular updates to the code as part of basic maintenance. Taking the code and hosting it yourself would not provide the benefit of updates or feature requests. A hosted solution also let’s you share data with teams, however far away they may be – and lets you get support from us regardless of time and distance.

Updates and customization are incorporated into the solution fees.

Change Request TAB allows users to enter change requests into the system itself, and track progress. Need a new report, want a new feature? Enter the information into Change Requests and the changes will be estimated and handled in a work-flow that provides full transparency to the team. The Change Requests are applicable to the Dashboard itself, not your product.


Charts and graphs are immediately updated in real time, letting you navigate the Development process.

Tiered pricing:

The pricing is based on what features you use. And you can add features at any time. There is no limit to the number of concurrent users, but we do recommend dividing users into Regular and Administrative users so that you have greater control over changes. Site hosting and domain registration fees are annual, in addition to your service fees. Sites are hosted through

Take your data at any time.

Since the site is dynamic and data-driven, the most valuable asset in the solution is the database. At any time, you can export all data from the database and take it with you. We never hold your data and allow you full access to it, 24/7.

Try before you buy:

We offer and trial set-up period. During that time you can make request for customization and get a feel for the features and benefits of the service. The ramp up time is very minimal. Online training with videos are incorporated into the HELP section of the site.


The site uses ASP, VBScript, Javascript and CSS. The database is MySQL. The reason for using this technology is the low/no cost of the software. The saving are passed on to you. The simplicity of the software allows it to be used in most browsers and even on iPads and smartphones.

Features and suggestions:

Reviewed and implemented in a short period of time. All feature requests are reviewed within 12 hours, most small changes implemented within 24 or less.

  Advanced Core Optional
Requirement Management  
Storage of your project documents as attachments  
Simple Project Management  
Change Requests (internal)  
Metrics and Reporting  
Test Requests    
Online Specifications    
Automated Selenium RC / IDE integration    
Email integration    
Bug tracking integration(your project)    
Page Checker    
Team Blog    
Task and Goal management    

Requirement management made simple.

The three tier hierarchy.


Tests can be managed in many different ways, not all of them effective. A Shared Folder with lots of XL files can be overwhelming at times. Global changes to tests have to be made in each sheet, and are poorly organized, hard to find.
A hierarchy lends itself to User Stories, Use Case / sub-use case and many other requirement management techniques. The key to good testing is making all tests transparent to the entire team, and managing change. The hierarchy lets you find tests in two clicks of a mouse! It uses a common sense approach and ‘keeps it simple’.

The hierarchy can be expanded and collapsed, and additions are simple.

Manage your tests with ease.


Using a web service and a database to manage your tests gives you total control of the testing process.
Attributes let you find tests by Project, Product, Test Cycle or Stakeholder.
Make global changes to tests quickly and keep your test suite up to date.
Manage both Manual and Automated tests, and keep track of test results online.
Execute manual steps through or Manual Test Viewer, perfect for those hard to automate web tests.

Selenium RC / IDE integration


You can use the service to store manual tests, or convert those tests to Selenium IDE / RC tests. The beauty of using Selenium RC is that the result files are in HTML and fit perfectly into the Dashboard with ease. You can upload them and make the results available to the entire team.


Keep track of your project and know when you are ready to release.


Any release is simply just a collection of tests that all must pass before you can release. Too often projects are looking at overly complicated metrics or subjective opinions on how a project is performing. Our use of simple metrics give you a clear indication of the performance of the


Simple Project Management

Projects, whether agile or waterfall, have an entry point and an exit point. The majority of teams are really looking at those two dates when planning a product road-map or scheduling resources. We leave the details to the PM’s with project, but if you don’t need that level of detail, we track major phases of a project and allow for visibility into the dates for the entire team.

Audit trails:

Most projects need history and tracking of test results to be compliant. The dashboard stores your data so that you can reflect back on it at any time. You can even export your data and build custom reports, or let the professionals at QA DASH build an online report for you in minimal time.

Metrics and Reporting

Get a sense for individual product, project or release quality. The QI is derived dynamically at all levels. Across your entire organization of products, or down to a specific release or project. Metrics are stored so that you can track your progress over time.

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